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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Alexandryne on August 31, 2010
"I was bored. So shoot me, it sucks. Oh well. "


I looked out the window and saw something that would change my entire life. I bet you want to know what I saw. What could possibly make such a huge difference?

For months I'd had this chilling feeling in the pit of my stomach, like I wasn't right in the world. That people could see right through me. I sat on my windowsill, looking out, and I saw a little boy on his tricycle. He was looking at me. Just sitting there. I cried out as a huge semi drove straight into the boy. I ran down the stairs and charged out the door expecting to see a stopped truck and a bloody mess.

But I saw.... nothing. The truck was turning around the corner and the boy was no where to be seen. Almost like the truck went right through him....

There was a little laugh from behind me. I reeled and came face to face with a little boy standing on the seat of his tricycle. He had pale eyes, almost white, with dark brown hair. Thin, elvish features.

"Hello, miss," he said with a smile. "Why can you see me?"

"Because..." I fumbled, not sure how to answer. "I have eyes?"

He laughed again. Such a cheerful little boy. "Eyes don't see me, miss. I'm dead." I blinked, and when i looked again I was staring at a wall of mist. The boy was no where to be seen.

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