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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Brett G. Rudder on October 1, 2008
"I had the first stanza in mind for a while, and went from there."

Animal For A Day

If I could be an animal
Oh, any animal for sure!
It could only be one animal
I could never think of more

How long would I puzzle
And puzzle over again
A Monkey is too silly
And a Giraffe is just too thin!

At long last, however
I know I'd find the one
The animal of animals
The best, and the most fun

For just this one day
I would play and I would hide
And that cat'd never catch me
No matter how he'd try.

Tiny though I'd be
I'd make you grin and giggle
The animal that's me
Is a tiny little gerbil

--Brett G. Rudder

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