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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Douglas on January 7, 2009
"A few days ago, as a joke, Lindsay asked me to write a poem for her. I did. It was silly, and not worth posting here. This one is more serious.

The structure of the poem is built around the number three. Three stanzas, six lines in each one. The rhymes come every third line instead of every second line, which makes the rhyme scheme far more subtle - you almost don't even notice it's there.

I probably should have written it in iambic hexameter instead of iambic pentameter, just to keep the theme of "three" going. Oh well...too late now!"

For Lindsay

Trouble, when he comes, arrives in threes;
At first he passes with a glancing blow -
A ship that lightly scrapes across a reef;
He drags a friend, with sorrow, to his knees
While you, untouched and puzzled by such woe
Are left confounded by your neighbor's grief.

But then he comes again with greater storm -
A hurricane of grief that brings you low
And tosses you with vicious disregard;
His machinations, over time, transform,
And painfully his schemes cause you to grow
Compassionate and wise, though deeply scarred.

Then he, once more, relentlessly appears,
And strikes a cruel blow upon a friend
While you can only stand and watch afar;
But now you understand those anguished tears
And hold his hand until the bitter end
And softly say, "I've been just where you are."

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