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This page contains a listing of all writings by Douglas.

Most Popular Writings by Douglas

Chisel, Hammer, Stone
The Stable
Jake's Dark and Stormy Night of the Soul
Hope's Ugly Sister
Mankind Is Good, and Getting Better
Two Brothers and a Funeral
Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue
Nick (The Boy with Half a Brain)

More writings listed chronologically

Teratophoneus Limerick
Poetry Month: First and Last
Poetry Month: A Tragic Love Poem
Poetry Month: Grab Bag Surprise
The King We Were Looking For
Doolittle and Higgins
Clouds Drip Slowly
Freddy Frog and the Fishermen
Fly Away Birdie
Mud Season?
Climbing Mount Ku
January Rain
The Facebook Resistance
Bethlehem after Christmas
Far from Home, so Far from Home
Advent Themes - Joy
Advent Themes - Peace
Advent Themes - Hope
First Lesson in the Digestive System
Should I, Perhaps, Have Given Thanks
Send the Light
November Comes
Bright Venus
Algebra Flavored Coffee
A Season Named Autumn
Infant's Family Interactions
Cricket Limerick
Rock-a-Bye Baby
Eenie Meenie
Newborn baby
Christmas Haiku
Uncovered Basement
The Computer
Cool Air
Five Goslings with Parents on the Lake
Fall in Few Words
A New Melody
Antenna Repair
Once I was Little
Where Your Treasure Is
A Mealtime Blessing
Dizzying Changes
Christmas Smells at Our House
Vinnie, the Awful Viola
Invent a Word: Marcasm
Bah! Humbug!
Russian Musicians Have the Best Names
A Couplet in Honor of Benjamin Franklin
Ivan and Adam
A novel about a novella
Blast Off to the Moon with Toby
Recycle Me!
The Family in the Mirror
If I could count from one to ten
Time to Sleep
Cry, My Little Toby
My Dream
Caraway and Thyme
Our Newborn
On the Moon
Amphibrachic and Trochaic
Limerick for Laura
The Wolf and the Poet
Framed by Writers
Ligneous Digs
Happy Anniversary!
Not Breech Anymore
Don't Be a Dodo
A Poem about My Favorite Poem
A New Kind of Zoo
The Vulture
Essense of Skunk
Hinkety Pinkety
Easter Fibonacci
Grab Bag Proverbs
Ant - A Poem
Rainy Christmas
Christmas Villanelle
Physics and Chemistry
Drum Castle Limerick
Dunnottar Limerick
Resurrection Morn
Bird Imposters
End of Winter
Pi Day Celebration
Center Stage
Doodah, doodah!
A Child's Perspective on Christmas
First Snowshoe of the Season
Heaven's Goodbye
Seeds of Friendship
Up and Down
Celebrating Four Thousand
Colored Butterflies
When Two Worlds Collide
God's Sunset Show
Well, It Ought to be Like This...
Blueberry Pie
Sunset Clouds
Amusement Park
Storm on the Lake
Wild Blueberries
Today's Prayer
The Kindest Master
Early Morning on the Porch
The Best of Pets
Not a Clerihew
God's Oven
William Tell: A Clerihew
Reverend Spooner: A Clerihew
Abe Lincoln: A Clerihew
Cow Tongue
Just Helping Out a Friend
Water Consumption
Christendom's Bells
Meta Metaphor
Torn from the Soul
Mmm, Tasty!
Lake Passagassawakeag
Missed Opportunities
Depth of Language
After the Festivities
Hawk III
In the Evening
Becoming Obese
Rejoice! Rejoice!
Pecking Order
Summer Vacation!
Summer Trio
European Poetry
Deciduous Sea
Prince of Peace
Unaltered Me
Wisdom's Badge
Those Foolish Politicians!
George Washington's Cherry Tree
Top Ten Ways to Insult Your Friends with Mathematics
Rhyme or Reason
Pastor Joe
Bald Mountain
Sage Advice from an Algebra Instructor
Just Like
The Grass Is Greener?
Human Poetry
National Poetry Month
The Legendary Fox
April Is the Cruelest Month
Let's Not Do It All At Once, Hmmm?
Blank Slate
When You Were Just Five Days Old
The End of Everything
What's on the Menu Tonight?
Carpentry Skills
The Maldabeast
Sacred Silence
An Earthly Approximation of Pi
Poetic Epigram on the Consequence of Choice
Precursor to New Life
I Wanted a Vacation
Powdery Snow
From Darkness to Light
Hawk Two
Oh, What Can I Give to an Infant So Small?
The Physics of Santa's Journey
Daniel's Perspective on the Christmas Season
Obsession vs. Love
Cruel Silence
My Love Is Like a Churning Ocean Deep
Stupid Stuff
PX-Metrical Converter
Nick (The Boy with Half a Brain)
Morning Coffee
Three in the Morning
How Dares the Sun?
The Stranger
Table Tennis
Alliterative Onomatopoeia
Relationship vs. Religion
Hiker's Prayer
Quantifying Beauty
Happy Birthday, Mom!
Gothic Street News
Lonely Wanderer
Coastal Precipice
Tiny Daffodil, Mighty Oak
Zographos Zoes
Pi Day
Top Ten Things I Learned from Science Fiction
From Start To Finish
The Breath of Summer
Hunting Season
The End of Chocolate
Northern Maine - I
The Science of Duct Tape
World Behind My Eyes
Reverend Spooner Attempts the Writing Prompt
Superbowl Ads
A Grim Battle
Big Winner
The Story of My Life
Vicky and Dicky
The Viola Is Such a Joke
Winter Trail
For Lindsay
The Dark Knight and The Good Book
Wasting Time
While the Year Is New
Pepperoni Pizza
Road Rage?
Hope's Ugly Sister
Could She Get Any Dumber Than That?
A New Trend in Telemarketing
From Birth to Death
The Painter
Is Santa Dead?
High Tech Punctuation
Jet Setter
Any Gift You Have To Pay For
Family Greeting Card
In the Kitchen
Solid, Liquid, Gas (Warehouse Fire in South Paris)
Love Triangle
Magnum Opus
In the Motel Room
Back to the City
Time Flies
Third Day
The Ram in the Ficket
Jelly Donut Mishap
Scotland's Burning
Frustrated Genius
Inspiration (A Brief Interlude)
Ode to Jon
Cosmic Lines
Ladybug, Ladybug
Pyre's Dream
I Walk Among You (Prologue)
Sunset over Kearsarge North
Election Day Sonnet
But We Are Home
Bobby Gibbs
Bird's Eye View
Bradbury Mountain
Love Is as Strong as Death
On The Other Hand
In the Bowl
World on Fire
Future Me
Wilderness Survival Class
A Clogged Drain
Love Came Knocking
Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue
Determined Love (Love Sonnet IV)
Eternal Love (Love Sonnet III)
Love Sonnet II
Going Away for a Vacation
Love Sonnet
Canine Companions
Two Years
Cotton Candy
Monadnock Mountain
Quality Control
Lingering Eden
Tumbledown Mountain Summit
The Blueberry Test
Attention All Facebook Members
On The Tracks
Metal Mouth
The Hikers You Meet on the Trail
An Odd Coincidence
Ode to Bad Furniture
Steadfast Mutes
Hillside Sentinel
A Slab of Concrete
The Spirit World
Superfluous Citizens
Photo I.D.
Chisel, Hammer, Stone
Hard Work and Grim Determination
To Tommy
A Friendly Argument
The Wink of Death
Space Walk
Jazz Ensemble
Heart of Darkness (Novella and Poem)
Heart of Darkness
Symphony of Sense
Jeffery and Jeorge
The Brave Knight Battles on Mount Gloom
You Can't Force Me To...
I Love The Bible
The Song of God
The Younger Generation
Blind Justice, Blind Death
The Author's Comments
Ten Years Later
Afflicted and Forsaken
The Game
The Economy of the Soul
I'm Not Fat!
Roman Amphitheater
Home Again - Another Interlude
Dead Sea Interlude
Tel Aviv Airport
Cat And Dog
Nothing Begins With C
The Seven-Fingered Man
Jam Session
Speverend Rooner
Fanfare for the Common Man
Be Still, My Beating Heart!
Anapestic Prose
Iambic Prose
Avery Peak
Joseph: The Reunion
The Steward: Cruel Mind Games
Benjamin: The Favored Son
Mister Prickles the Porcupine
Judah: Life Is Growth
Fast Food Logic
Speed Limit 35
Simeon: Meeting Zaphenath-paneah
Rest In Peace
Pharaoh: The Course of Power
Mother's Day Sonnet
The Music of the Spheres
The Cupbearer: Deep Powers
Pharaoh: On the Banks of the Nile
The Baker: In Pharaoh's Prison
Potiphar's Wife: Hebrew Sorcerer
Springtime Villanelle
Potiphar: Foolish Slave Boy
Reuben: The Pit and The Caravan
Jacob: The Dreaming Son
Leah: A Dysfunctional Family
Human Nature Gets the Best of Me
Mixing Paint
Joseph, Man of Joy and Tragic Woe
Springtime Sonnet
Moon Landing Hoax (Anapestic version)
Faked Moon Landing
A Favorite Book: Cry, The Beloved Country
The House of Many Languages
Just a Chemical Imbalance
At the Chef's Convention
Meet The Producers
A Rough Morning
A Springtime Ride
Thoughts On Resurrection Day
I'm Not Stupid
It's Not My Fault!
Call Me Crazy!
My New Home
The Strange Behavior of Piper the Cat
Dell Computer Conspiracy
Carrot Factories
Mankind Is Good, and Getting Better
Abide in Me
DHARMA Initiative Orientation
View of Mount Katahdin from Patten, Maine
Difluoroethane Fib
Delia in the Kitchen
Delia in the Garden
Delightful Confusion
Lift up Your Eyes
A Terror Most Fearsome and Dire
Officer Porter Arrives on the Scene
Two Brothers and a Funeral
Lewis and the School Newspaper
Next of Kin Scam Response
Alfred Makes Me Laugh
Willis Takes A Vacation
One Special Christmas Gift
I Dont Beleve in Santa Clos
The Stable
The Shelter
The Toyota
Shepherds and Sheep Await the Dawn
The Best Christmas Ever!
In Memory of Constance Hunting
Seventy Times Seven
Special Days
Crying at a Funeral
First Day Back to School
The Televangelist
It Felt Like the End of the World
Mount Megunticook, and a Dented Car
October Climb
Let the Oppressed Go Free and Break Every Yoke
As It Has Been, As It Always Will Be
Diabolical and Deviously Deceptive Dodos
Play Bee Toys Call Center
Mountain Summit on a Gray Day
Calling 9-1-1
Rustling, Whispering, Dying
Fibonacci Poem about Fibonacci
William Goes Shopping
Cadillac Mountain Sunrise
Integrity, Maine
First Name, Middle Name
I Wish I Understood the Human Brain
Jake's Dark and Stormy Night of the Soul
Fifteen Minutes of Fiction
The Phone Bill
Pumping Gas
September Morning - Haiku
Starry Night Far from the City
George's Firewood
A Bird in the Hand

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