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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Douglas on May 3, 2009

Gothic Street News

Residents of Gothic Street in South Paris were quite unhappy this week, as road crews have been busily tearing up the street in search of sewer system problems.

"It's not that I object to work being done on my street," one resident commented, "It's just that I can't even get off my street without parking at the road block, moving the cones, driving through the barrier, and parking again to put the cone back in place."

"Put it back in place?" another resident demanded. "Why would you do that? I only stop once, and it's all I can do to keep myself from driving over those stupid cones and flattening them."

One member of the road crew, standing by a four-foot-deep hole that stretched from sidewalk to sidewalk said, "We still haven't found what we're looking for, but today is our last day here. If we don't find the problem, we're moving on."

At five o'clock Friday afternoon, the last of the equipment was gone, leaving a six-foot stretch of road without any pavement. By Saturday evening, the former road-work site had turned into one massive pothole.

Not everyone is unhappy, however; children on the street are excited to have a brand new sandbox right on the street.

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