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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Douglas on September 6, 2009
"Elizabethan Sonnet:

Quatrain #1: the sun
Quatrain #2: the birds
Quatrain #3: the earth
Couplet: conclusion"

How Dares the Sun?

How dares the sun upon the earth to shine
And brighten every blade of grass and leaf
And chase the morning dew from sprawling vine
While in my soul is naught but shattered grief?
How dare the warbling birds in cheerful flight -
The sparrow, robin, finch and meadow lark -
To welcome in the joyful morning light
While all my songs, detuned, fall in the dark?
How dares the earth upon its line to turn
Unheeding, swiftly, blithely unaware,
While mired and broken hearts forever yearn
For sweet release from every woe and care?
Perhaps creation knows what I forget;
That through it all God is the ruler yet.

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