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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Douglas on November 17, 2009
"I much prefer Elizabethan Sonnets to Italian Sonnets, just because the rhyme scheme is more difficult to keep in the Italian form. I did Italian anyway, because I needed to do my thought break earlier in the poem, instead of in just the final couplet.

And I used some slant rhymes, because the English language just doesn't have enough rhyming words! :D"


For eons you, in cold obscurity
Did pass us by on these our yearly rounds;
'Til now, like Icarus of past renown,
You brazenly did wing your flight too near.
With shocking brilliance you did thus appear -
A burning plume of light as bright as dawn
That fled across the sky without a sound,
And with a blazing flash, did disappear.
Oh, tragic nighttime flame, lost shooting star,
That graced our skies with this, your last salute,
I will not soon forget your brilliant spark,
But I would choose instead the faithful stars
That oft unnoticed, mark a steady route,
And guide the way for wand'rers in the dark.

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