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Stories and Poems About Mountains

by Douglas

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a piece of a longer writing project. You can view the entire project here: Stories and Poems About Mountains

The following is a piece of writing submitted by Douglas on May 2, 2009
"I've been puttering away at this one for a few days. Earlier this week I hiked a mountain I've done many many times, but this time I took a trail I had never found before.

This is blank verse. The poem is in five sets of four lines. Each set is a complete thought. In each set I used some alliteration, and the final line of each set contains quite a bit of alliteration."

Lonely Wanderer

I set my feet, the other day, to flight
Along a scarce trod, hidden, woooded trail
Where rocks are iced with damp and mossy fur,
And leaves in layers lie to slowly rot.
And as my feet led ever on, the sounds
Of civil man grew silent on the air,
Replaced by nature's wild cacophany
That waxed and waned upon the whisp'ring wind.
The turkeys, there, grew monstrous large and bold,
And rooted calmly in the drying leaves,
And only peered with quiet dignity
As I, with graceless gait, trod o'er their ground.
The foliage that rustled in the breeze
Held secrets far beyond mere rotting leaves -
A hidden snake, a chipmunk, squirrel or bird
In secret solitude surrounded me.
Perhaps this might have been the road less trod
'Twas spoken of in poem long ago;
And Frost, like me, discovered Nature saves
Her secrets for the solitary soul.

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