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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Douglas on October 22, 2009
"Another Elizabethan Sonnet, and a true story. Nick was born with one hemisphere of his brain simply missing."

Nick (The Boy with Half a Brain)

I met a boy with half a brain today,
A strange and cruel trick of Providence
To form a child in such a dreadful way
And thrust him on the world without defense.
His careful speech was slow and slurred,
His blond-haired head was often pitched askew,
His questing eyes were wide and inward turned,
And every sight and sound was strange and new.
'Twas he alone who greeted me with grace,
And held the door for me with great delight,
Then said goodbye with sad but fierce embrace,
With fondness waved 'till I was out of sight.
Thus I discovered this important fact:
Fate's trick was played on us, with brains intact.

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