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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Douglas on June 26, 2009
"I so often hear fellow Christians say "I have a relationship, not a religion." Every time I hear that it makes me cringe. By most reasonable definitions of religion, Christianity certainly qualifies: we have a set of doctrines, and a set of moral guidelines.

I understand why people say this; the word "religion" has come to have a bad connotation. However, I think we may have forgotten what James has to say about true religion!

This poem is a bit of an experiment for me; it's anapestic tetrameter, but with an ABBA rhyme scheme."

Relationship vs. Religion

There are Christians who say, "No religion for me!"
For religion's a word with a bad connotation;
But our doctrines and faith form the strongest foundation,
And we have forgotten, it's Truth, sets us free.

And we proudly announce we've relation instead,
And forget that though Jesus has called us his friends,
We abide in His love as we heed His commands,
And the Father's revealed to us just as He said.

And how quickly forgotten are words we've been told -
For the Good Book declares True Religion is this:
To tend to and visit, and never dismiss
All the widows and orphans left out in the cold.

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