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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Laura on September 20, 2007
"This is a poem assignment in which we had to base our writing off a dream. This is only a small description of a dream I had, but the rest of it wasn't exactly poetic. "

Sunset morning

Sunset morning

A picture-perfect scene
Across the bed from me,
But only me.
Perhaps in dreams, the painters
Hang their work in place of windows,
And my morning sunrise
Is only a canvas
In someone else's mind.
Orange spectrum spreading
Out beneath my eyes,
The morning jewels have
Captured more than me
With royal glows.
As I watch
Black winged birds
Fly off into orange;
The fire-red backdrop
Receives them gradually.
As distance shrinks
And light dips low
I cannot see,
I cannot capture this
Painting that eludes
My senses;
My memory
Draws me in and keeps me out
Of the strange morning,
When the sun goes down
And calls me out to watch.

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