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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Laura on October 31, 2007

Word Patterns in a Box

There was no audible tool to share with
so I sat typing letters at a screen,
feeding pieces of myself to you every night.
It came about through the reading
of word patterns in a box, that we each
noticed a sort of fellowship in timing
and in the things we chose to laugh at.
And I realized that my footsteps must
be crossing yours each time I go out,
but would I ever know your face from
word patterns in a box?

Before long the words were speaking
to me just as you would if you sat
across the table, only words speak
without downcast eyes or stumbling speech,
and they say whatever you want them to say.
And in your mind perhaps I talk to you as well
and you see me as something beyond
a product of my word patterns in a box.
And someday I will walk again and cross your
footprints as you make them, and I will smile
and you will speak to me without restraint.

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