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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Laura on July 25, 2008
"I'm trying to re-create the feeling of claustrophobic dread involved in driving into a massive storm, which I did last week"


I saw the darkness gathering -
it seemed so far away.
This road led to its very heart,
from the outskirts of the day.
The clouds of mild anger passed
as quickly as they came,
giving way to fury's gradual peak,
which distance had rendered tame.
In seconds, moments, horizon lines
became possessed in gray;
the blanket muffled every light,
and shut out every ray.
A single drop became a torrent
that slashed at trees and poles,
and tore like madness through the leaves
exacting deadly tolls.
The road, relentless, followed through
this dim and sinister mass.
Its endless path bore on and on,
yet wouldn't let us pass.
The skyline soon was fiercely lit
by purple, electric flash,
while sounds of water pouring down
drowned out the thunder clash.
When would the sky here free itself
from this oppressive weight?
And what would be our price to pay
to see the storm abate?
In time, when shelter could be found
there began a slow relent;
but the darkness took our synthetic light
Even as sun peeked through again.

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