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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Laura on February 4, 2009

My pockets

Breaking out the old bulky jacket for the season,
I frisk it first,
and turn out the past winter's pockets
to make room for fresh junk.
I'm left with a copy of last year's bus schedule,
two dirty pennies no doubt picked up from random
parking lots, a mostly-dead battery that I was
holding onto until I could find a trash can,
three gum wrappers kept for the same purpose,
one with gum,
a scrap of paper from a menu on which
I'd written down a phone number from
a flier advertising a job six months ago,
an old deposit slip, and two used (and dried)
Tomorrow's landfill fodder spent one more season
in a safe, dry place, and that's okay with me.
Just call me the walking wastebasket.

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