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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Laura on September 18, 2010
"This poem was originally even longer, but I'm glad I chopped it down a little. This is an example of dactylic meter, which starts with an accented syllable, then is followed by two unaccented syllables."


Ponderous boulders are gracing the coastline's rim,
Guarding the land from the heart of the ocean.
Those which were sharper, eroded and duller now,
Worn by the water's perpetual motion.

Lapping, receding, and crashing back down again,
Rhythmic, the waves will not pass through resistance.
Cliffs that have laughed at invaders for ages, are
Still standing strongly, though worn from persistence.

Shining in sunlight and gleaming when moon comes out,
Silent and still when untouched by humanity.
Rough and uneven in countless years past, but this
Water-worn smoothness, now cause for their vanity.

Rocks in the days of old, brandished their weaponry,
Staved off attackers by night and by day.
Friction of waves leads the armor to sparkle, but
Time and the water have taken their swords away.

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