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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Laura on March 7, 2014

Taking a Mulligan

Sometimes it felt like the world was watching
Every little move I made.
No matter where or what,
In the eyes of even one person was everyone,
Watching, analyzing, forming judgments
In that unknown space I was never privy to.
Embarrassment is just unsatisfied curiosity.
If I can't know, I'll paint it up in my mind,
I'll go back and redo that false step,
Re-say that one word that may have misrepresented
Everything I said.
What are they thinking?
Am I really before their judgment seat so much as
I am before my own?

I can't take a Mulligan on life.
To strain out the pulp and ubiquitous fibers
Of our actions is to stop digesting,
To grow fat on sugar and highs and never get beyond it.
Take it all in one, the fiber, the sugar, the love, the regret,
The whole piece, the inseparable combination,
And look it all squarely in the face each time.

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