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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on March 3, 2010
"This post is a Grab Bag which uses the following words: gag, survival, prairie. This is NOT a sexist story, I just thought adding a little irony for a change would be fun. (IM A BOY IN REAL LIFE THOUGH). Wow, that too is ironic you could say!"

A Twist in Nature

I am about to gag.

Seriously? How do boys live? Peeing in a bush? I mean, a girl needs her privacy, we just don't go around peeing in the middle of nowhere! What if they have to go number tw---ewwww! Gross! Ugghh! That is so nasty! My cousin said, that if your far away from a bathroom, the only key for social survival skills is not to do it in your pants by pulling a prairie dog! Eww eww eww!

Now, hearing my brother's pee rustle the leaves just makes me want to vomit any time soon. Why is it that I had to go hiking with my stupid brother? He lost the compass, lost the map, and now we've been away from the campsite for six hours! Oh my gosh, I can't wait until he leaves and I'm an only child! I mean I love him and all, but when he does gross things like that, it just makes me shudder with disgust.

"Hey sis, why are you dancing?"

"What do you want again?" I retorted, trying to be condescending and cold.

"Ha! You have to go pee! Too bad you can't handle a little bush in the big bad forest!" that mocking tone of his got me so angry, that I grabbed a small log and threw it at him, missing him by inches.

"Hey watch it! No wonder nobody like you!"

"Ugh! Just leave me alone! I still can't believe you'd pee in a forest!"

"Jessica, quit being such a girl! Seriously, you're a worse sissy than Micah!"

"That's it! Nobody compares me to Micah, that little brat! I'm outta here!"

"Hey wait up!"

But I left running. I finally began to feel that sensation that I knew would come, bladder sensations. And then there came the other feeling, the "I have to go number two" feeling.

And with utter dread, I heard the last thing I wanted to hear, that voice dripping with gleeful sarcasm.

"What are you doing?"

The leaves were rustling.

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