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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on March 4, 2010
"Yes, I really am related to Edgar Allan Poe, and yes, my biological mother told me this, so that part of the poem IS true"

Edgar Allan Poe: His-story

They say I am related
To the tragic poet
Called Edgar Allen Poe

Maybe that's where I get it
The love for poems and prose
And my descriptivness and flow

If his ghost were to appear
Something I doubt and do not fear
I'd ask him of the Raven

I'd ask him what it was like
To write in panic and in fright
The way he did that night

And of Tell-Tale Hearts
What he really did impart
From his life, tragic from the start

But then I would re-evalute
My opinion of my Uncle, many times great
And see whether the tragedy was so great

I'd sit and laugh and eat and dine
If you can dine in the divine
For that is where I'd spend my time

In a vision up above
I'd ask and ask and ask and love
My many times great Uncle

In heaven, talking to Edgar Allan Poe
The tragic poet, or is it so?
For then I wonder to and fro...

Doesn't all life contain sorrow
Ever bleeding through tomorrow?
Even with the joy we borrow...

From the One above who gives us all
Who gives us all to enthrall
And survive life's tragic call

I'd sit and talk and converse
On how to rhyme with such class
And use diction and his thought out syntax

I'd kiss my Uncle on the cheek,
And tell him of his fame which has reached a peak
That still goes up while I speak

I'd ask and listen
To the great poet's story
And then I'd come down
To tell his story

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