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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on May 17, 2010
"Based upon F Scott Fitzgerald theme of the American Dream in his book The Great Gatsby, please keep in mind that this poem is written to match the theme in the book, and to caputure the attitude of the 1920s in the US. "


Look past the love of the Fake and the Weary.
Look past their strained love life,
And you will see ever clearly…the horrific truth:
A land with foundations of high hopes for others
Now churning into nothingness as its dreams are
Yes, the American Dream is but a dream forgotten.
Like that elusive dream that leaves you
When you awaken from the deepest sleep
And try to remember it, but it is so oh
Silently, deep inside their greedy selves,
They whimper in frustration as they forget
The American Dream,
And they try to remember it, but cannot for
They have awakened to their greed and the noble cause is gone.
And now in their drunken stupor, drinking in money
They forget the dream in the time of
For what is the American Dream, now having dwindled?
Where is the way of society with superficial hearts?
Where have they gone wandering into the forest?
Where trees grow money and parties are about?
And people buy and buy and buy and the noble cause is buried?
Where has it gone, but into the hands of the greedy?
No, it’s more than a love story, more than that.
Yes more than that.
For The Great Gatsby now is not so great,
All his attempts are futile,
For he is but one of many in the
Cauldron of the American Dream being boiled.
And it is being boiled away, the steam is escaping,
The dream evaporating,
Pleasure, materialism, wealth
Are the fire.
Be great, do what you have to:
Noble Cause is Gone.
Where is the American Dream?
For it is but a dream

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