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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on March 8, 2010


It’s like something you can grab,
When you have nothing to hold onto
Be happy that you have it,
And sorry that you’ve wrecked it,

It makes you smile!
And feel good inside…
Like a warm feeling,
Like your favorite cookies.
Freshly baked, right out of the oven
Ready to eat, with a full glass of milk
That’s only a part of what it feels like

It’s something you might never know you have
Even though it’s all around you
You feel lonely
So alone
So very alone, in a harsh ignorant world
But you have no reason to feel that way!
Because it’s all around you
You never lack it

Remember when you were little?
When it came close to your birthday?
Sometimes that’s how it can be.
Like waiting for your birthday.
Like waiting for your birthday the way you did
When you were little
You expected good things
Hoped for the perfect party
Yearned to be the center of attention
Or maybe you didn’t want your birthday to come
Maybe you were afraid
That you would have nobody to celebrate it with
That’s how it feels

It’s like a perfect dream
Except it’s not a dream
And its’ never is perfect
With humans
But it sure does feel like it

It’s something worth fighting for
Worth dying for
Not worth throwing away
You’re a fool if you let your pride
Get in the way of it
It’s always in jeopardy
So be aware
Always make sure you try your hardest
To keep it
It’s always there

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