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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on March 22, 2010

Looking At My Worst Enemy

Twas such a night; a perilous fright.
To and fro I paced so,
In a hurried state I sought not the fake
Inner sign, which was mine
That pointed clearly, and only meerly
To my foe, the worst so.
To that enemy...then a remedy
Would be mine...such a shrine.
So then I summoned, a magic mirror.

It told only the truth.
Twas all that could say.
In secret did I sleuth,
The mirror to display.

My worst enemy:
Twas not a remedy...
Did my eyes see,
Yet forced to agree.

For it told only the truth...
For twas all that could say,
Through a mighty display...

For now, the enemy nearer,
For twas my face on the mirror.

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