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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on May 6, 2010

The Wall of Age Tumbles Down

I close my eyes and beckon the wishful thoughts
Of the hammers ceasing to underestimate me
I close my eyes and wish thoughts of a world
Were age is never judged to a standard
I close my and breathe in the dream of a
World where the hammers can cease to
Hammer my aspirations into the wood of
This false reality, into this wood in which
I know if I’m hammered into, I would get
Nailed into the numb flow of life.
And termites would eat away my dream
I close my eyes and slowly open them
And I see two eyes from above playfully
Staring down upon me, it too is a hammer
But I feel myself being pulled from this tree
Of the numbness of deferred dreams
And I get out of my bed and rub my eyes
And realize that only one opinion ever matters
The rest are only mediums for advice
That can be intercepted by personal
Doubts and emotions that cause static
In which they become the hammering hammers
So I get up refreshed and free and go about
Living my life, my very own dream.

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