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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on April 16, 2010

When Will the Time Come?

When will the time come?
When I see her true face?
And she in turn sees mine?
Am I too young to fall in love?
With a girl that loves me back?
Or is it a foolish venture?
When will it be clear to me
Whether she's just a friend
Or something more?
When will the time come?

When will the time come?
When I am more than a friend?
Not just the funny guy...
Who watches the other take her?
When she's just as crazy about me?
As I am of her.
And she's more than just a friend...
But an intimate best friend?
When we know each other better
Than we know oursleves?
When will the time come?

When will the time come?
When I can fall in love?
And can be stupid and
Silly and funny and me
And still be loved by her?
And we'd be comforted by
Just being in the same room?
And I won't stop thinking of her
And I'll make up stupid excuses
Just to call her on her phone
And she'd do the exact same thing?
When will the time come?

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