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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on April 12, 2012

To be like a Child

Little kids in their bright yellow bikes,
They laugh and smile in childish delight.
Then noon arrives swiftly with its warm, red glow...
To end the endless games;
To stop energy's unstoppable flow.
It's marking the end of another glorious day
That was full of life in it's grand, intrepid fray.

Joke and jump! live and love!;
A child's dream is reality.

"Come inside!
It is dark outside!"

Stop and sigh, whine and plead;
A child's life is ruled by parenting.

"Five more minutes," she said
"Then dinner and shower and at 8 pm, bed."

the thought of tomorrow just
ends the perpetual sorrow...

Oh what else is a child?
Other than a mindless mind of glee?
Living life to its fullest,
(Not like that one neighborhood bully,
But like the kid that runs in the mud!
Catches crawdads! And swings from a tree!
Like the kids that play 'Cops and Robbers'!
Or like the kid that always wants to play,
'Hide and go Seek').

Having the heart of a child is,

more than just....

trusting your parents fully....

It's being who you are,
It's being Happy, being Free.

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