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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Janee on November 6, 2007
"Thematically, this about the same message as MichaelK's We Are Not Alone In The Universe. He had a more clever way of saying it, though. :)

It Troubles Me To See Such Tiny Folk

It troubles me to see such tiny folk,
with lives measured out by our attention spans,
whose worlds are filled to overflowing
with bumbling husbands,
stupid bosses, and
shewish wives.

It troubles me to see such tiny folk,
gripped by cynicism, indifference and despair,
who think that insult passes for communication,
and that humor equals
sadistic cruelty and
sarcastic wit.

It troubles me to see such tiny folk,
with lovely face, strong physique, and perfect grace,
who believe value and worth are found in these,
instead of kindness,
generosity, and
faithful love.

It troubles me to see much larger folk,
with lives that are wasted, spent, and lost each day
in watching tiny antics of tiny folk.
And at last I understand:
Maybe the tiny folk on my TV
Aren't the small ones after all.

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