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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Janee on May 8, 2008

Humanity Joins the Galactic Neighborhood

Dearest Andy,

Over the course of the last three years, as I've read about your tireless efforts on behalf of the entire human race, I have been so proud to be able to say, "That is my dear friend, Andrew." Your name is on every tongue from Alpha Centauri to the Horsehead Nebula. Everyone sings your praises, but none sings more loudly than me. If I haven't said it enough already, dear friend, let me say it again: I am so proud of you, and I always will be.

When civilization on planet earth was grinding to a halt, when there was overpopulation, famine, disease, war, and increasing hatred toward all people, it was you who spoke out so vehemently, and united us all. It was you who declared that the human race must move forward, or it would die. You were the one who developed the first plan to colonize the worlds around us, allowing us to spread our wings and soar throughout the galaxy.

You were the one who pushed for funding, and fought for both political and economic support, uniting the world governments behind you in the quest to populate the universe with mankind. You were the one who drove the scientists relentlessly, until the great Arks were finally a reality, lifting off from installations all over the world with millions of refugees safely stashed in each.

And it was you who held it all together, even when terrorist dissidents threatened annihilation of your plan with nuclear weapons aimed at every city, every installation. You were the one who persuaded mankind to persevere, even as those first missiles were fired.

Then, at the very end, you were the one man remaining, who willingly stayed behind to enter the launch codes for that final great Ark; you stood and watched as the last remnant of humanity left planet earth and entered the galactic neighborhood.

All over the galaxy people speak your name with respect and awe that borders on worship. You are the epitome of all that is good in the human race, and your name will live on in history for all generations.

But I know something no one else knows about you, my dear friend. I know your secret. I know that you had an ulterior motive in all of this - a motive that had nothing to do with rescuing the human race from extinction. So let me be perfectly clear. Yes, I know that you're the last man on earth. And no, I still won't marry you.

Anne Marie

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