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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Mathax on January 6, 2008
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Jake's Missing Keys

Jake lost his key ring. On this key ring was his keys to his car, his house, his office, his friends house and his church.
He was just going out to lunch and he lost them some where between the office and the lunch room and the office. To make matters worse he took two different routes. Luckly he had his cell phone, so he called his boss and explained that he was locked out of his office and that his lunch break was over in 6 minutes. His boss said that he was exused for the rest of the day and that he had better find those keys before tomorrow morning. He looked all over the places that he had walked and he could not find them. He called his wife and asked if she could come pick him up. When they got home and had eaten supper he had a phone call, it was the janitor, He was wondering if Jake needed the key ring that was sitting on his desk at work.

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