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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Michael K on June 17, 2008
"The ending of this one is a little bit like another one I wrote awhile back, but I think it's enough different to stand as an entirely different piece."

Powerful Dreams

Shakespeare said that all the world is a stage, and all the men and women are merely players. It would be, perhaps, more accurate to say that all the world is a dream, and all the men and women are merely dreamers.

You would be surprised at the extent to which your dreams can alter reality. Things that we take for granted now, things that we consider to be immutable laws of the universe, were once merely fantasies in the sleeping minds of men and women. Few people have the power to dream real change into the universe; it takes a rare, powerful dreamer to build a dream so creative, so strong, that it bends the fabric of the universe.

Take Newton, for instance. Before he came along there was no such thing as gravity; everything sort of just wandered willy-nilly through space as it might, until one afternoon Isaac leaned up against an apple tree in the park and fell asleep. He dreamed a powerful dream, a dream of apples that all fall in the same direction, and accelerate at the same rate.

When he awoke, gravity was the new reality. The dream was so powerful that the universe still bows to it to this day. Interesting, to be sure, and with some practical applications, but it wasn't all that convenient for the poor saps who were taking a nap in the clouds while old Isaac set to dreaming.

There was also the fellow - no one is quite sure how long ago he lived - who had the very interesting dream that people would die if they didn't breathe on a regular basis. Up until then, people tended to breathe when it was convenient, or when they felt like it, and they stopped whenever they got bored with it. No more. Again, a bit inconvenient for the folks who happened to be walking across the floor of the Atlantic at the time, but there you have it - a dream is a dream, and reality is reality, and sometimes the twain do meet.

It makes you stop and think, doesn't it? What if your mind is powerful enough to bend the universe to your dreams? It almost makes you want to never go to sleep again - who knows what retched consequences might arise from your sleeping moments!

So, I guess what I'm saying is, first of all, be careful what you dream.

And second, I'm really sorry about the gas prices.

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