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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Rabbit Stu on October 2, 2007

A Chicken, a Dog, and a Cow

A chicken, a dog and a cow sat for tea,
And graciously offered to pour some for me.
So there we were sitting that fine summer day
When a big fight broke out, to my great dismay.

The chicken insisted she was best of the bunch,
But the cow disagreed, for she had a hunch
That babies need milk to grow strong and big,
And that eggs for babies aren't worth a fig.

The chicken squawked back an angry reply,
"Without eggs there'd be no meringue for your pie!
No cookies, no cakes, no omelettes to eat -
To cook without eggs would be quite a feat!"

On through the evening, and into the night,
The chicken and cow kept up a loud fight.
At last I decided to end all this bickering;
I turned to the dog, who sat softly snickering.

The dog gently placed his cup on his plate.
And said, "I think I can end this foolish debate!"
He looked at the chicken, he looked at the cow,
And he smiled a big smile and he said, "Hear me now!"

"Tomorrow at breakfast, you know what I'll eat -
Fried eggs and cold milk, for both are a treat.
But then comes lunch, and I'll keep this quite brief;
At lunchtime I'll chow on grilled poulty and beef."

"You might think it cruel, to eat friends for my lunch,
But by this time tomorrow, I'll be best of the bunch!"

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