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This page contains a listing of all writings by Rabbit Stu.

Most Popular Writings by Rabbit Stu

The Toast - A Sonnet
Hello Spammer. Hello Scammer
Ode to a Toad
If Wishes Were Horses Then Beggars Would Ride
It Wasn't Me (Letter To Santa)
My Clever Christmas Scheme
A Miserable, Awful and Terrible Day
Timothy and Travis, the Troubled Teenage Tigers
A Chicken, a Dog, and a Cow
Entranced by Beauty Divine

More writings listed chronologically

My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean
Black and White
Ode to Cheese
Site Layout
Spinning Top
Rabbit the Poet
My Culinary Masterpiece
Mindless Colts
Snake in the Grass
Some Day...
A Clarinet Is a Fine Instrument
The Best of All Movies
I Resolve to Be Content
What Was That You Said?
A Day in the Life of a Snowflake
A Greeting Card for You
Tournament of Snowmen
The Toast - A Sonnet
The Worst of Feasts
President Picker (Election Day Poem 4)
Over in a Flash (Election Day Poem 3)
My Civic Duty (Election Day Poem 2)
Incompetent to Lead (Election Day Poem 1)
Thanksgiving on the Farm
School Dropout
Falling Star
A Fib
Today I Wish that I Was a Worm
The Wild West
Singing Super Hero
Deliberate Ignorance
My Life As a Nun
Today I Wish That I Was a Mole
The Truth About Rabbits
Everybody Needs a Mighty Hero
Twue Wuv
Kitchen Sale
Huckleberry Jelly
Internet Addict
The Haircut of Alastair Brown
The Mess at the Beach
In the Shadow of Yangra
A Lion
My Quest
Bubble Gum
The King
My Ten Speed Bike
Deathbed Confessions
The Tragic Demise of Jack
Writer's Block
Barber Shops
Hark! A Lark!
Love Sonnet
Larry, the Alien Child
Electing a New King
Advice For My Son
Easter Cadbury Ads
If Wishes Were Horses Then Beggars Would Ride
Product Return and Exchange
Nw Lk What Yu've Dne!
Kept Under Guard
Faceless Friends
No More Rhyming, and I Mean It!
The Twelve-Fingered Gleacher
Shakespearean Sonnets
It's Never Too Late
Ode to Molasses
Hello Spammer. Hello Scammer
When I Was Just a Foolish Child
I Think I've Lost My Keys
It's Time to Write a Poem
Timothy and Travis, the Troubled Teenage Tigers
That Toy Toting Deviant
It's Christmas Time in the City
It Wasn't Me (Letter To Santa)
My Clever Christmas Scheme
Today I Wish That I Was an Ant
Today I Wish That I Was a Moose
Mother Nature's Beauty Pageant
Beauty Lies Too Heavy
When I Grow Up
Ode to the Grainy Sweetness of Sugar
To Rhyme with Bad News
Papa Rabbit Loses His Job
Summer Is Always the Worst Time of the Year
Today I Wish That I Was a Duck.
A Miserable, Awful and Terrible Day
Haiku, Free Verse, and the Chaos of Nature
The World Comes Today to a Screeching Halt
What I Would Do, If I Was King of the World
Peepul Axe Me If I Liek Skool
Hikers Brave and Free
Round And Round I Spin
A Chicken, a Dog, and a Cow
Deus Ex Machina
Ode to a Toad
Spinach and Butterflies
Entranced by Beauty Divine
Chocolate Butterflies
Rabbit Stew, I Love You

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