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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Rabbit Stu on December 21, 2007
"Okay, I tried to be a little more serious for this poem. I just started out with the line It's Christmas Time In The City, which is from the song Silver Bells, and just sort of went with it."

It's Christmas Time in the City

It's Christmas time in the city
With glittering stars on Christmas trees.
Carols peal out from each church spire,
And cold breath frosts on winter breeze.
Frenzied crowds rushing and laughing,
Anticipate The Day's first light -
With baubles and trinkets and peppermint sweets -
The holiday's most wondrous delights.

It's Christmas time in the city,
But far from the laughing throngs,
There lies a secret world between the cracks
Of cheerful laughs and joyful songs.
Here children dream of dry, clean sheets,
And long for warm and steaming meals.
Here carols echo with hollow sound,
Between cavernous walls of stone and steel.

It's Christmas time in the city,
And silver bells peal out their song again -
Of Christmas joy and Christmas hope,
Of peace on earth, good will toward men.

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