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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Rabbit Stu on November 5, 2007
"Sad to say, this entire poem started with the very last line. That was the very first line I typed. :P"

Ode to the Grainy Sweetness of Sugar

Some people, they like cookies, chocolate cakes and lemon pies -
But forget all those complex desserts; that's the thing that I advise;
You don't need all that frosting, all the chocolate or the crust
All you need is sugar; its grainy sweetness is a must.
I would eat it in the morning, at the noon and all day long
It's good for heart and bones, and makes the muscles strong.
I'd fill my bowl with sugar, sprinkle corn flakes on the top;
I'd gobble it up and gobble it down, and never ever stop.
My favorite kind of pizza - made of sugar through and through;
With sugared crust and sugar sauce and sugar toppings too.
You can boil it, you can fry it, you can grill it like a steak;
Doesn't matter how it's cooked, I'll be happy to partake.
Stir-fried sugar sounds just grand; I'd eat it with no doubt,
Might take me all the day, but I'll get those chopsticks out.
I'd eat it on the moon or stars, in a submarine or sewer;
I'd eat it in a soup bowl, with a fork, a knife or skewer.
I'd scoop it up with just my tongue, or eat it with my toes -
But if I ate with both my hands, would I be ambi-dextrose?

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