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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Rabbit Stu on December 26, 2007
"I suppose this poem is really about human nature, and our desire to blame others for our actions. :)"

That Toy Toting Deviant

When I was just a little lad,
And Santa said that I was very bad,
My stocking was empty - except the sole,
Which held a black and ugly lump of coal.

But when I was good, and oh, so kind,
I received the gifts I hoped to find -
A whoopie cushion and a water gun,
And other tools of mischief and fun.

But here's the dilemma I just can't solve;
With gifts like this I lack the resolve
To repress and control my devious side;
I feel like the infamous Jekyll and Hyde.

And so it continues from year to year
If once my Christmas is filled with cheer,
The gifts bring out my darkness of soul
Which brings on a year of mischief and coal.

I begin to suspect that Santa is scheming
To corrupt me beyond all hope of redeeming
So for every trick and mischievous game
That toy toting deviant is the one that I blame.

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