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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Rabbit Stu on May 2, 2008

Barber Shops

If there's one thing I see that will cause me to frown,
It's those barber shop signs that are all over town.
I really don't think that they have much excuse
For naming their shops with such names as "Cut Loose,"
Or "Hairport," or "Great Lengths," or "Curl Up and Dye,"
Or "Shockwaves" or "Hairem" or "LaComb's Cut N Dry."
And since when did the president get his hair done
At a dumb little place that is called "Hair Force One?"
A barber is never content to be best;
But declares he's a "Cut Above All of the Rest."
Still I'm not impressed with a barber's great skill,
Just because he invented the name "Tressed to Thrill,"
Or "Prime Cuts," or "Head Lines" or "Bob's Upper Cut,"
"Shear Magic," "Head Hunter," or "Harry's Price Kut."
But the "Long and the Short," when it's all said and done,
My "Mane Point" is this: that I hate all their puns,
And I firmly believe they should all go to trial
For conducting their business without any style.

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