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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Rabbit Stu on April 1, 2008
"I just love writing about talking animals."

Electing a New King

All the animals gathered together one day
To discuss and confer, and express their dismay,
Over things that were done by the king of the beasts,
Who was prone to make others his mid-morning feast.

"It is clear that the lion cannot be our king,"
Said the ostrich, while flapping her sad little wing,
"So he must be deposed and be given the sack,
Lest another turns into his next tasty snack."

"That is all well and good," the fat hippo exclaimed,
"But we cannot depose 'til a new king is named!
So perhaps we should hold a political race
To discover which creature will take Lion's place."

The giraffe was agreed that this course made good sense,
And he put his name forth with persuasive defense;
"You should make me your king," he announced with a cough,
"With these legs and long neck, I see trouble far off."

But the cheetah believed he would be better suited,
"For my speed is the greatest; it's been well computed.
And at highest velocity I would deploy;
To defeat all our foes - I would count it great joy."

"No, No," said the rhino, his tone filled with scorn
And he stressed every word with a toss of his horn,
"Neither one nor the other would be your best lord,
For neither was blessed with a natural sword!"

Then at last spoke a voice that was tiny yet shrill;
And the field mouse began his address with great skill.
"It is sure that promoting Giraffe is unwise;
For no secret you have would be safe from his eyes.

"And I don't cast my vote for that nasty big kitty,
For I've seen what he eats, and it sure isn't pretty.
And as for the rhino, you all must concede
He is blind as a bat and he's prone to stampede.

"I will tell you quite clear, and I'll tell you quite plain,
It is me who deserves to be crowned, and to reign.
Though I'm small, I am kind and I won't ever spy,
And I won't eat my friends, and I've got a good eye."

After much careful thought and considered debate,
They voted him king, and he won, three-to-eight.
So they crowned him, and hailed him as lord and as king,
And they knelt at his feet and they kissed his gold ring.

But in all of this talking, the beasts had lost sight
Of the lion, who thought it was his divine right
To be ruler and boss over of all of the lands,
And who now did appear, and caught Mouse in his hands.

With a growl and roar and a snap of his jaw,
That mouse disappeared in his great toothy maw.
"I'll always be king," said the lion with pride,
"With a crown on my head, and a crown that's inside."

So everyone nodded and sadly agreed,
And faithfully did all that Lion decreed.
But from all of this trouble, the animals learned
A good lesson that's helpful for all those concerned:

When you're choosing a king don't be ruled by your fear
And elect someone weak who will soon disappear;
When your enemy comes you'll be plagued with regret
For selecting a leader who poses no threat.

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