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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Rabbit Stu on February 13, 2008
"I logged into my account yesterday, looked at my statistics, and noticed that I finally hit 5000 page views.

That got me thinking about all the random people out there who read my poetry, and never even comment on it. Kind of sad that they are complete strangers to me."

Faceless Friends

Faceless Friends
Written on the occasion of reaching 5000 page views

I cannot help but wonder
Who these faceless friends might be
Who search and browse the internet
And pause to read my poetry.

I do not know your face or name,
But this we have uniting:
Though we've never spoken face to face
You know me by my writing.

But to me you are a stranger,
Except a choice and special few,
Who take the time to post their thoughts
And maybe a star or two.

I wonder too, the oddest thing:
Could we chance one day to meet?
But let that moment slide unmarked,
As we pass upon the street?

What wretched sorrow that would be,
But I know at last what we must do.
Tattooed upon your forehead I must see:
"I've read your poems, Rabbit Stu!"

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