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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Rabbit Stu on April 29, 2008
"My goal here was to write a poem in which there is never a separation of more than four syllables between each rhyme.

I posted it in two ways: once as a paragraph, and once with a line break at each rhyme.

I posted it as prose to help people resist the urge to read it with pauses at each line! :)"

Hark! A Lark!

Paragraph Form
Hark! A lark, on wings of spring does bring along a song: a sweet refrain amidst the rain that fain would call us all to celebrate the fate of Winter's cold, and to behold with bated breath cold Winter's death. So we, with glee, will pause for grand applause.

With line breaks
A lark,
On wings
Of spring
Does bring
A song:
A sweet refrain
Amidst the rain
That fain
Would call
Us all
To celebrate
The fate
Of Winter's cold,
And to behold
With bated breath
Cold Winter's death.
So we,
with glee,
Will pause
For grand applause.

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