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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Rabbit Stu on January 21, 2008
"Whew! This one took a while to write - don't be deceived by the time listed. I wrote it elsewhere and pasted it in.

This should be sung to the tune of Allan Sherman's song "Hello Mother, Hello Father". A song which, by the way, has a really weird rhythm/rhyme, and is not easy to write for!"

Hello Spammer. Hello Scammer

Hello spammer. Hello scammer.
Wish that you were in the slammer.
You are not so entertaining
Which is why I wrote this little song complaining.

Just this morning, Without warning,
We all started into mourning
For our long lost Uncle Roddy
Who has left ten million dollars to nobody.

Hello spammer. Hello scammer.
Wish that you had better grammar!
Hate to think that you get paid,
Maybe you should spend a year in second grade.

Hello spammer. Hello scammer.
I'd beat you with a sledge hammer,
But my mom says "Be forgiving,"
So I'll put my weapons down with great misgiving.

And tomorrow without sorrow
We'll mail you to Mount Kilimanjaro
There you'll be (by our criteria)
Much much closer to your homeland of Nigeria

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