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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Rabbit Stu on January 8, 2008
"I've posted an explanatory comment at the end...but be sure to read the poem first. :)"

I Think I've Lost My Keys

It's terrible, and it's awful;
I think I've lost my keys.
I'll never find them by myself;
Could you lend your expertise?

I'll look up high while you look down lower,
I'll search quite fast; you search much slower.
I'll take the east while you take the west
We'll search all day and we'll do our best.

I can search up in the mountains,
You can search down in the seas.
And maybe if we get lucky,
We just might find those keys.

But after weeks and weeks of searching
(like a grueling marathon)
I've finally come to realize:
All those keys are surely gone!

I don't know what we should do
Or who should take the blame
But this I know: Without those Keys,
Florida's coast won't ever be the same!

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