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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Rabbit Stu on July 26, 2008

Internet Addict

Oh, how well I remember those long ago days
When we had to converse in such old fashioned ways -
Without email or chat, or that famous MySpace;
But with paper and pen - and some liquid erase.
And the games that we played, oh, the games we adored,
Used a fresh deck of cards or an old checkerboard,
And back then these old games, they caused such a splash,
Though we played them without either Java or Flash!
How'd we ever survive with no options to choose:
With no broadband connection or dial-up to use?
Though the internet's great, and that's easy to see,
There are ways to improve it, I'm sure you'll agree;
And the next step technology ought to attain:
An internet port that hooks straight to my brain!

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