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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Rabbit Stu on January 26, 2008
"Just doing my part to alleviate the loneliness of a website that has been quieter than usual this week! :)"

It's Never Too Late

Concerned for my son, who I love more than life,
I told him, "I'm sure you will find a wonderful wife,
Believe me, my son, it's never too late
To take courage in hand and seek out a date.

"Now son, I know, my advice meets your scorn
But as sure as the sun will keep rising each morn,
The girl of your dreams, she's out there somewhere,
With beauty and love beyond all compare.

"Why do you panic, and why do you fear
That your life will be empty, lonely and drear?
True love will find you; nothing holds it at bay;
Don't you trust me, my son, and believe what I say?

"Though it's never too late, it could be too soon
To discover that woman who'll cause you to swoon,
So son, I remind you, you're just forty-eight,
Please respect my advice and continue to wait."

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