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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Rabbit Stu on January 8, 2008
"I think it's lots of fun to think up a poem's first line (It's time to write a poem) and just go with it to see where I end up. :)"

It's Time to Write a Poem

It's time to write a poem,
One that'll be quite funny.
With a rhyme scheme that's perfect
And rhythm that's on the money.
With simile and metaphor
And every other classic ploy
With laugh-a-minute cleverness
That'll make them weep for joy.
A poem that's filled with wit
And tongue-in-cheek sarcasm
To make them laugh so very hard
They'll twitch and shake and spasm.
And now the coup de grace:
This masterpiece must impart
Emotion so overpowering
It's sure to break their heart.
So now you know the goal at hand:
To write a timeless, epic ode -
Why waste your time on reading this?
Get to work, you lazy toad!

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