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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Rabbit Stu on August 9, 2008

Kitchen Sale

We've got spatulas, crock pots, and china, you see,
All you'd want in your kitchen for a nominal fee.
We've got egg beaters, coffee cups, fine silverware,
Oh, and microwave ovens? Yes, we've got a pair!
Then there's griddles and glasses and cookie jars too,
You should buy them quite soon - we've got just a few!

I'm so sorry, dear sir, but all sales are complete
And I've said it already - don't make me repeat:
You must keep all those kettles and bottles and urns -
No exchanges or refunds, no swaps or returns!

Hey! Whose child is this here who is licking the forks,
And filling his nostrils with wine bottle corks?
Tell your dog not to chew the electrical cords,
And explain to your boys that those knives are not swords!
And for crying out loud, will you all please pipe down?
Or I'll have to close shop and then get out of town;
If my mamma wakes up, I'll be in for a switchin',
When she sees the great mess that I've made of her kitchen!

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