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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Rabbit Stu on July 13, 2008

The Haircut of Alastair Brown

Have you heard of the story of Alastair Brown?
He's a most clever lad, who was known about town
For his wit and his humor and his mischievous grins,
And his long locks of hair that hung down to his shins.
"Get your hair cut, you hippie," the townspeople cried,
But the lad just ignored them and preened with great pride.
All the boys were quite jealous. The girls gave a smile,
And they flirted and winked at the boy with such style.

But alas for poor Allie! His joy was cut short
(Along with his hair, I am sad to report)
When his mean-hearted father came home to declare,
"It is time to get rid of that horrible hair!"
Well, poor Alastair begged, and he wept, and he cried,
But his every request was ignored or denied.
So at last, though he muttered, "It just isn't fair,"
He took scissors in hand and he chopped off his hair.

But young Allie had misunderstood his dear dad,
And that leads to an ending both tragic and sad,
For his dad wasn't speaking of hair on his head;
Goodness no, he meant something quite different instead.
So not only was Alastair bald as a cue,
His pet Fluffy was missing, and lunch was hare stew!

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