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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Rabbit Stu on January 3, 2008
"Obviously, as you will see, every paragraph has its own alliteration. I think my favorite is Thelma's paragraph. :)"

Timothy and Travis, the Troubled Teenage Tigers

Timothy and Travis, two troubled teenaged tigers, attired in tattered, torn and tacky towels, took the tram to trendy taverns, trying to test their trumped-up identification tags.

At O'Reillies, Robert the Rhinestone Rhinoceros, regally reposing in the reception room, raged as he regarded their really repulsive raiment, and rejected their request to roll on in.

At Sammies, Stan the Slimy Snake scoffed, sneered and hissed slightly as he slithered and said, "Silly, sneaky, sophomoric simpletons, your sly stunt is not so subtle, so SCAT!"

At Wonko's Wild Watering Hole, Wally the Wimpering Walrus, wearing a wonderfully wacky wardrobe, whined and wailed, "What? You want to wriggle and worm your way into Wonko's? What wicked and wacked out weirdos!"

Thelma, the lisping thespian thrush thoughtfully said, "Thilly, thilly tigerth! That'th thtupid to think that the thecurity is tho laxth that the thentinels will thimply thanction your abthurd thtriving to thneak into their thaloonth! Tho retrathe your thtepts to your rethidenthe, unleth you thirtht for a thpanking!"

Timothy and Travis, trembling at the terrible tongue-lashing, trudged tragically to their tidy two-room trailer, torched their tags, and took a tremendous attitude transformation.

As Thelma would say: "Allth well that endth well!"

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