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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Rabbit Stu on December 8, 2008

Tournament of Snowmen

All my snowmen were gathered together that day,
For some games of monopoly, golf and croquet.
All the neighbors were shocked when they saw the parade
Of my snowy companions who laughed, joked, and played.
Park Place and Boardwalk, they kept changing hands,
To the delight and the wonder of all of the fans,
For everyone loves to watch snowmen compete;
The whole town was turned out, and they stood on the street,
While the golf balls and clubs, and mallets and hoops
Were all put to good use by my fine snowy troops.
But an unwelcomed guest came to join in the fun:
'Twas the brilliant, destructive, and bright yellow sun.
Now my lawn is deserted, my friends have all left,
And I sit in a mud puddle, feeling bereft.
But my mom laughed and sneered, and I've never forgot
Her sarcastic remark, like a knife in the gut
(Or a powerful punch to my celiac plexus):
"Well that's just what you get - building snowmen in Texas!"

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