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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Rabbit Stu on January 17, 2008
"This is kind of similar to another poem I wrote a while back. I don't know why, I like writing poems about children who misbehave.

Maybe something from my childhood coming back to haunt me. :)"

When I Was Just a Foolish Child

When I was just a foolish child,
Maybe ten or twelve years old,
I can't deny I was a rat, a fink;
I was a terror to behold.

I was greedy and I was selfish,
My favorite word was "Mine!"
And if I didn't get my way
I'd shout and stomp and whine.

My second favorite word was "No!"
I used that one every day;
It made my mother weep and wail,
To watch me disobey.

Whenever dad instructed me
To mow the lawn or shovel snow,
My response was always loud and clear:
A strong, defiant "No!"

I never did my chores at night,
Or in the morning hours,
Or made my bed or brushed my teeth
Or took my weekly showers.

At school I bullied all the kids;
I liked to wrestle, kick and punch.
And then I'd find the teacher's pet
And steal that poor kid's lunch.

But now I am a different man,
I've grown up, as you have seen.
No longer just a foolish child;
Next week I'll turn thirteen!

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