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The following is a piece of writing submitted by R. Wesley Lovil on May 1, 2011
"A day for those who write anonymously "

Unknown Writer Day

Let us all remember to mark our calendars on February 29 to celebrate our latest holiday, Unknown Writer Day. Finally, a day where the world can pay respect to the people who manage to keep the comment sections functioning. Not only our web pages, but the world's newspapers and assorted periodicals as well, show the tens of thousands of words written anonymously. Where would our media be if not for those who proudly display their vapid views without signing their names at the bottom? I know that as a blogger I am guaranteed my daily dose of vitriol by reading the comments at the end of my blog. One of my hopes is that by recognizing these unsung heroes that one day in the future we can afford to buy them all a spell check feature for their internet implements. So here's to the worlds anonymous writers for without their inane comments we would have no idea if anyone reads us or not.

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