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This page contains a listing of all writings by R. Wesley Lovil.

Most Popular Writings by R. Wesley Lovil

Unknown Writer Day
What's New on TV?
The Care and Feeding of Humans
The Test of Time
Summer Camp: Twenty-Six Miles across the Sea
A Dedicated Mother
A Team with no I
My Last Ten Minutes
One Thin Dime
Poor Planning: a Life Gone Astray

More writings listed chronologically

Because of a Girl
National Poetry Writing Month - Love is Worth the Cost
A Muslin Girl's Plight
National Poetry Writing Month - Week One
The Lesser of Two Evils
The First paragraph
A Visitor from far Away
Panic at the Zoo
You Can't Take a Mulligan
The Love Connection
Be Careful what you Wish for
To My Darling Y
Water, Water Everywhere!
Writing Prompt Help!
Silly Animal Poem: I Wish I were an Otter
Surviving Winter
Hello, 2014
Farewell to 2013
Christmas Smells
Her New Boss
Thankful #4 The Best Day of my Life
Thankful #3 Brother Can you Spare a Dime?
To the man who saved our childhood
Thankful #1 My Wife
My New Mystery Novel
What's New on TV?
A Walk in the Dark
Shutdown! Fifteen Minutes of Fame, Where did you go
What to Watch, What to Watch
Stuck on the the Thirty-Seventh Floor
My Favorite Teacher
My Dream Job
Gift Horse: My First Motorcycle
Water off a Duck's Back
Slower than Molasses
Over a Barrel
A Stitch in Time Saves Nine
The Cat's out of the Bag
Selling Coal to Newcastle
Eggs in a basket
The Sure Thing
Some hiking Haikus
Skool Iz Dun
The Paradox of Catch 22
To the Poppies on Flanders Field
Quatrain: The Thin Man's Mantra
Mothers Present a United Front
The Boss was Right
The Beauty that is April
Metamorphosis: The Fairy Ring
A Hard Test: I Should Have Studied
Will the Human Soul go Green?
Mother Knows Best
A Springtime Bouquet of Fibonaccis
The Road of Life
A Pi Day Ode to Pie
The Lack of a Comma
Winter Driving: Tiptoe Through the Tule
It's a Brave New World
Be my Valentine
Superbowl 2013, Who Ya Got
Not Quite Freezing
A Contented Life
A Life without Google
The True Love Song
2012, a Good Thing
Tears for Christmas
A Tropical Christmas
Summer, the Season of our Discontent
The March of Time
Black Friday Nightmare
Thankful at Thanksgiving
Buzz Lightyear Galactic Hero
John Nojuan, the Pretzel Candidate
Big City Life
The Legend of the Unicorn
The Passing of a Hero
The End of a Long Life
Three Tasty Haikus of Fall
Two Little words
Home Alone
A Father's Love
Changing Places
Cheese Please
Floating Among the Clouds
The Family Dynamic
A Grab Bag 6-Pack
The Test of Time
How the Mighty Have Fallen
Dearest Mummy
Summer Camp: Twenty-Six Miles across the Sea
Trapped Amid the Meter
A Rent in the Family Dynamic
The Summers of Our Youth
My Dad, the Sports Fan
When it hurts to be a Winner
Onomatopoeia Poem: A Little Rain won't Hurt You
A Garden of tasty Phrases
Mount Olympus: The Tax Man Cometh
The Worry of Parents
Colorful Poem: What's my Name?
A Dedicated Mother
Jack is Human for a Day
A boy and his dragon
Hinkety Pinkety: Clues to his Name
Easter Fibonacci
Come Little Baby it's Time for Sleep
The Grammar Police
Proverbs From an Old Man
An Ode to the Pig
3:30 in the Morning: Panic Attack in the Dark
The Riddle of the Sphinx, A Battle of Wits
Public Performance: Over My Head
The Lady and the Lamp
There's a Monster at the Door
Winter Poetry- I Wonder About Winter
The Big Date
I Have a Dream, Part I: Not a Dream, a Nightmare
The Conversation
The Gift Exchange
Christmas 2011
An Ornament's Tale
2000 Years of Christmas
Putting Gods House in Order
School Haiku- It's All About Your Interest
A Family Give Thanks
The Tardis 2021 Mark lV
Career Woman
Snaggletooth and the Copper Lollies
A Trip to the Candy Store
Freedoms Not Free
Ode to a Most Perfect Food
At the Zoo- The New Guy
I will work Harder
A Lesson Learned at the Fair
Changing Seasons -mean something different out here
The Day the Terrorists Lost
A Team with no I
Back to School
Dreams, Part II- My Fear of Nightmares
The Dream Machine
Landing the Big Fish
The Passage of Time
Free Write
Overheard: One Side
The Responsibility of Independence
Independence, Part I
A Chair with Attitude
The Ultimate Vacation
Flash-flood Nightmares
DIY, A Disease Most Terrifying
A day to Honor those Who Serve
The Outlet Malls, a Shopping Adventure
The Day that Time Stood Still
Stamps: Carl Sagan Man of Science
Unknown Writer Day
Rhyming Quatrain: A Career or a Job
The End Approach
Intangible Poetry: Rhymes of Sorrow
PC Slave
Give It Up!
Is Love Enough?
My Last Ten Minutes
I'll Just Stick with Coal
We Welcome Our New Evil Overlords
Mr. Magnificent
High School Horror
Poetic Dialogue: Two Friends Who Can't Agree
A New Chance at Life
TV Advertisement- Authors Corner
Texting 101
Dear Mr. President
To What Might Have Been
The Christmas Giver
Prince Angel Kokabiel Pays a Visit
Thanks Mom
A Call to Arms
Spring Time in the Desert
The Devil Takes his Due
Thanksgiving Feast, The passing of the Torch
Hunger Strike at the Lions Den
Veterans' Day Heroes
Trick or Treat, a Night of Adventure
Our Trip to Hawaii
Personality 101
Dreams of my Father
My First Car
My Writing Prompts
The Casual Fan
Fall Fail
Numbers: Two Makes a Pair
Stabbed in the Back
Neighbor Stops a Flood
A Good Deed Part One: Good Samaritan
Time Travel, Back to the Nineteenth Century
The Care and Feeding of Humans
My First Dog
Cowboy Clerihew
My Best Friend
Periodic Table: Irony in Yellow
Freedom for a Price
The Good Life
Substitute Teacher: A Thankless Job
Poor Planning: a Life Gone Astray
A Trio of Summer Haiku
What Kind of Tree are you?
"Laughter" (Patient Pending Copyright 2010)
My Trip To the Moon...
Limericks! A Troubled Past
Western Union
A Far Off Place
It Sure Looks Easy
Another Bad Start to the Day
March is a Chameleon
A Fibonacci on Grapes
Archimedes Constant
Haiku of Things to come
Speedwriting for the Gold
Whom do you Trust
TV Ads Drive me Crazy
My Big Little Brother
A Tortured Night
The Life of a Hemiptera
One Thin Dime
I Resolve... A Greener Earth
George Washington Press Conference
The Magic Coat
Letter To Santa
Snowfall Poetry We Love the Snow
Book Review: City of Theives
A Thanksgiving Tradition
A Poem to Driving in the Rain
Invention The Cap Lock Lock
Time to Vote For Change
One Sided Telephone Conversation: A Call From Mother
A Recipe: The Perfect Marriage Martini
A Haiku on Love
The Life of a Lowly Recorder
My Animal, My Friend
The Torment of the Bkinking Cursor
The New King
A Day Without Consciences
A Parable: Two Old Friends Reunite
Summer is Gone
A Trip to the Zoo
Yvonne, the Love of my Life
Alphabet Soup - X
Alphabet Soup - Work
Victory Dog Park
Alphabet Soup - Universal City Walk
The Taxman
Alphabet Soup - S
Romance Makes the World Go Round
I Have a Question About Letter Q
Alphabet Soup - P/ A Person of Interest
Haikus to Oprah our Queen
The Man From Nantucket
A Tale of 3/4 Puns or PU
Mother is Always Right
How to Plant a Tree
Newspaper Reporter
From nine to five in Iambic Tetrameter
Mall Scavengers
My Secret Recipe for Weight Loss
Spring is Sweet but Next Comes the Heat
The Aneraulax/ Man-wife of Surbia
Iambic Pentameter My Search for an Ode
The Admiration of My Son
You're a Book,The Forgotten Tome
You're an Animal: They Call me a Sloth
Pep Talk Grab-Bag The Last of the Cro Magons
Duct Tape, It Fixes More Than Quacks
Writer's Block, or Punch a Time Clock?
Take a Chance and be a Lottery Winner
Bill Clinton Visits President Wilson
Hector Fear of Clarinets
Movie Review for Mamma Mia
New Year's Resolutions
Snowflake Called to Duty
Christmas on Alpha Centauri
Anapestic Tail of Woe
Memorable Christmas Party
The Second Time Around
Thanksgiving - A Month Early
School Conversation
Bird's Eye View
Fibonacci Poems
My Day as a Fly
Dream Vacation
The Friend of Man
Labor Day
Summer Haiku
Death Comes to the Park

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