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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Scott on February 16, 2011
"Being an outsider really rots!"

The Outsider

Kids can be cruel. Especially when everyone grows up together, and then a new kid comes to town. Especially when that new kid doesn't fit their definition of "cool".

It was freshman year in High School and I had been the outsider for four years now. In this small community, all my classmates had gone to pre-school together. Then one day, during gym class, another new face showed up. Well, new to the rest of the class.

He was introduced with a name with which I was not familiar, but his face was unmistakable. This was the boy who had been my best friend years ago when we both went to another school in another city. Finally, I thought, someone with whom I could share "Remember whens".

Unfortunately for me, while he had not changed much, I had. I was now the "fat" kid. The one who the cool kids didn't hang out with. He, though, was fit, handsome, and popular, and fit right in with the rest of the crowd.

"If you want to be cool," I overheard, "You don't hang out with people like him." From the corner of my eye, I could see an accusing finger pointed squarely in my direction. It was then my former best friend decided that being cool was more important.

I've often wondered over the years if he even knew who I was. Did he remember me, or was I just some fat kid that was to be avoided? I've also wondered what would have happened, a few years later, if I had answered his challenge:

"That's not my real name. No one would ever guess my REAL name!"

I know. And I know why he chose to use his middle name.

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